Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Growth Wood Obsevations

The internet has been scrubbed of real discourse regarding the "New Growth Wood" phenomena.  It is a phenomena because many are purchasing products that look and smell the same but have hidden deficiencies.  Lumber yard personnel, many times get aggravated at the mention of "New Growth Wood," but it is a reality.

Sales people and representatives of the lumber industry are not educated on the history and the facts that virtually all soft woods are prone to accelerated rot. Bob noticed the problem as early as early 1990's as he had installed a lot of cedar siding in the '80's and revisited his work to find that around the year of 1986, there was a definite difference in the  accelerated rotting of the cedar roofing and siding produced after that time.

Bob has visited many jobs on sales calls and inspections to find accelerated rot on softwoods.  Separate from the obvious external cladding issues, in the repair of poorly cladded and flashed exteriors, rotting was accelerated.

The industry is flawed in so many ways but newly framed structures are very vulnerable to rot.   The roofing and siding used in the industry has never been so flawed in methodology and quality both from the manufacturers and the installers.  We are at a new low.  All of this along with longer and more limited warranties by manufacturers leads to the idea that the consumer is protected.  This is a warning to the consumer:  There are very few that know what they are doing and to sign on the spouted manufacturer warranties as if they really offer anything more than hype is a big mistake.

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